Shipping Your Frame

Mattmo Carbon Fiber Repair is proud to partner with BikeFlights shipping service. While you can send your frame to Matt with any shipping service you choose, we recommend BikeFlights for their expertise and care, and your frame will be returned to you via a fully insured BikeFlight shipment.

Preparing your bike for shipment

  • Ship only the damaged portion of your bike. No need to ship the entire bike.
  • Clean your frame before shipping.
  • Pack your frame carefully or have your local bike shop do it, so it will arrive without additional damage. You can include a note to let Matt know any information you feel is pertinent to your frame repair, painting or otherwise.

To book your shipment

BikeFlights has a created a convenient shipping page that is pre-populated with Mattmo’s address. Simply click the drop down arrow next to the Ship To field on their form and select MATTMO.


Feel free to contact Matt if you have any questions about shipping your bicycle.