Mattmo Reviews

Up until now, most of Matt Moore’s work has come from word of mouth. He’s quickly becoming known throughout the cycling community as the go-to guy for carbon bicycle repair. Read about Matt’s carbon fiber repair and finishing work from the people who’ve hired him.

I am riding on a Mattmo repaired Cervelo. My friend is riding on a Mattmo repaired Pinarello. I race on a pair of Mattmo repaired carbon wheels. Thanks Matt Moore!

Rick Sorenson

I had a damaged Cervelo S2; with slightly misaligned dropouts, and damage to the inside of a chain stay. Matt fixed it promptly, and I can’t tell where the damage was. I  decided to get this fixed by Matt, rather than get a free warranty frame (a $4,000 S3, disc brake frame), because I wanted to stay with rim brakes.  I used Matt based on my own previous positive experience, and positive experiences of 2 friends.  All 3 of us were delighted with his work. Good work, fair prices, quick turn around time.

Tim Riley

Matt repaired my bottom bracket that was unravelling. A five-tube junction that I thought was the end of my frame now looks beautiful and has stood up to much hammering. Highly recommended!

Edward Parsons

Impeccable craftsmanship, expertise in carbon, and really fast turnaround! Matt fixed my cracked SuperX is less than a week and it’s now as good as new. In addition to fixing the carbon, he does beautiful paint work too.

Jeff Palleiko

After my beloved Reynolds Stratus UL’s suffered an unfortunate puncture wound (honestly, I never knew you could drive an SUV over them), Matt quickly and expertly fixed them right up. The best part was trying to remember where the rather large hole was. If it can be fixed, Matt will fix it perfectly and professionally.

Rich Bauch

I thought my Kestrel 4000 might be toast after I cracked the seat tube, but luckily Matt’s able to repair the carbon and get me back on the road!

Matt was easy to reach and quick to respond! He also has a good turnaround time on the bike. If you’re having carbon issues make sure to get in contact with him.

Update: I got my bike back from Matt a few days ago. He did an incredible job. His work was timely and his attention to detail was amazing. I couldn’t be more happy with the repair and paint match! Thanks again, Matt. You’ll always get my business.

Dan Twokey

It was a high speed wreck, 40 mph over-the-bars and into a guard rail. Concussion, five fractured vertebrae, night in the ICU. But worse yet, my favorite bike was broken, and wasn’t going to heal on its own. Once the bike made it back across the country from the (shortened) race, I sent Matt photos of the injured seat stay. No problem. So I got greedy.

“Do you think that maybe you could remove the cable stops? I switched to eTap…. Please…” I got you covered, Jim. And he meant it.

It would take forensic inspection to see the repair. Virtually undetectable. And with the clutter of cable stops removed, the bike looks better than new. I know someone, somewhere, said it’s not about the bike. But it is, in fact, about the bike. And this one is a joy. Thanks Matt. You’re the best.

Jim Nash

A big shout out to Matt Moore who fixes carbon fiber frames. He did an awesome job repairing my baby! I dropped her off on Wednesday and got her back this morning. Matt’s attention to detail and knowledge about bikes and cycling is top notch. Also thank you Andy Ruiz for connecting me with Matt and giving me hope that my baby wasn’t trashed!!! Matt suggested I find someone to paint my pink pinstripe to make her like brand new, but I have some new scars so maybe she should too…makes us a little more bad ass! We just need new tires and new bar tape and she’ll be ready to roll as soon I can get back at it! #watchout #fireinourbelly

Lonnie Halusic

Super clean carbon fiber repairs by Matt Moore. Excellent job and fast. He did such a great job on my CX bike that we cracked another frame just so he can fix it!!! If you need a carbon fiber repair Matt is the man to see.

Bart Lipinski

⭐️-Matt just worked on my frame. Not only did he repair the frame, he put a nice clear coat on (matte finish before), and fixed all the small blemishes. Matt’s work is impeccable! He is very responsive, thoughtful, and fair. Highly recommend using Matt!

Stephen Jette

Super easy to work with and had my bike back quickly! Beautiful work and my Pinarello Dogma is back to normal. I have and will recommend to friends and teammates.

Andrew Page

Repaired my Cervelo P2C after the bars hit the top tube and cracked the carbon. Responded quickly and met me halfway to make the drop off easier and then had a friend drop off the frame at my house after the work was complete. I got the bike back together this spring, resprayed it, and it’s been riding excellent. I’d recommend Mattmo for any carbon repair and would use again, but hope not to have to!

William Reitz

Matt is not only a fierce competitor but, unbeknownst to me until a couple of weeks ago, a superb carbon frame repairman. My frame was not cracked but needed to be inspected for structural damage. He did so very diligently. Upon getting my frame back, I was amazed at the meticulous work that was done. One cannot notice any repair/repaint job was done on the frame; the repainting job was excellent! I highly recommend his services and his fees are very reasonable.

Christophe Wilkes

I had the seat stay on my carbon Jekyll crack, I didn’t notice it until I brought it into my local shop and they did a tune up and let me know it was definitely cracked. I got Matt’s number and I had the bike back stronger then ever 2 days later. Matt’s a great guy and a cyclist himself so he understand the need that we have to get back on 2 wheels quickly. Awesome guy Awesome work!

Colin Dunn

Huge shout out to Matt Moore of Mattmo LLC for the awesome carbon repair job on a Team ERRACE p/b DSO Manufacturing frame. Top tube had 3 small fractures (one under a decal which he discovered). All fixed and ready to go. Turnaround time was 7, yes 7, days. Thanks so much Matt!! – Rusty

David Rustico

Matt did an amazing job repairing the rear carbon stays on my Serotta Ottrott. He quickly responded to all my questions, kept me up to date on the process and had my frame back to me within a week, looking fantastic and strong! So happy I didn’t have to ship it out to the west coast. Pro tip: if you go to Matt’s house, make sure to bring an adventure bike to ride on some of the best gravel roads in VT while you’re there.

Pete Pedrotty

Matt repaired a damaged water bottle mount on my Trek Madone. Great service, good vibes. Wonderful to work with a fellow cyclist passionate about the sport.

Bill Donahue

Five stars is not enough to indicate how happy I am with Matt’s carbon repair work. I sent a customer’s cracked swingarm up to Matt for repair, and the work was ahead of schedule, right on budget, and of the highest quality. My customer and I were both thoroughly impressed. Realistically, we were looking for strong carbon repair with functional paint, but the paint work was really great – perfect match, nice lines, and we had to struggle to remember where the repair was. Communication throughout was top notch as well. If you need a referral, please feel free to call me at AirLine Cycles in CT anytime.

Brian Holdt

I thought my Bianchi Oltre carbon fiber frame was trash, when I discovered a five inch crack in the downtube. My local bike shop, C-K Cycles (Albany, NY) suggested I send the frame to Matt Moore in Dorset, VT for repair. Matt was confident the frame was repairable. Matt is a man of his word. He fully restored structural integrity to the downtube. Moreover, he recreated the hand pinstriping and perfectly matched the two-stage Bianchi celeste blue paint, with an unusual metallic clearcoat. Wow! I cannot tell where he blended into the original factory finish on the undamaged part of the down tube.

In summary, the results far exceeded what I thought was possible. Matt’s price was very competitive, and a great value, considering the expert results. He merits an unqualified, A+++ recommendation for carbon repair and refinishing. He delivers on-time and communicates promptly – for strong customer service.

Bill Desormeau

I really enjoyed my experience with Matt – he did an excellent job repairing my BMC SLR01 chainstay (as good as if not better than Calfee!), saved me a lot of money, and did everything in a timely manner. I had an unfortunate incident where moments after I partially broke my crankarm, the damaged crankarm spun around and smashed my chainstay, cracking it. Totally ruined my day! Just happy I didn’t crash. My cycling friend referred me to Matt and I gave him a call to get a quote. Talking to Matt gave me confidence he was the right guy for the job and he helped me save quite a bit of money on shipping. I got my bike back in a matter of days and I’ve been very impressed with the repair. I had another carbon repair about 3 years ago by Calfee, the “gold standard of carbon bike repair”, and Matt’s work was at least as good and more aesthetically pleasing than the Calfee repair job. Can’t recommend Matt highly enough! 5 out of 5 stars

Joe DeGutis

Thank you Matt Moore for fixing the carbon on my Cervelo and making it look like new again!!! Thank you for all your advice and tips on biking. I would highly recommend your services, Mattmo LLC

Deanne Webster

It is always a sad day when our Shiny carbon bikes get damaged. The good news is that carbon repair is usually possible and your bike can look like new again. We send the frame out to Matt Moore and he makes it look brand new! If you have a carbon frame in need of repair, stop by and we can help get you riding again.

Steiners Sports

Matt — wish you the best in your carbon fiber repair adventures! You saved my CX racing bacon with a carbon fiber seat post/sliding repair that is going strong. I also suffered a broken seat post collar on my carbon fiber MTB bike. It looked like the MTB frame was heading to the landfill and you saved it with a great carbon fiber repair. I can barely tell that the repair was made and the bike is still going strong — many thanks!

Thomas Butler

Matt is great! Fast turnaround, reasonable pricing, and he managed to fix a really difficult crack on the inside of my rear brake bridge. Thanks Matt!

Jerimiah Stephens

Matt – thanks for great job making a new carbon cover for my bottom bracket access and also reviving a Zipp 404!

William Thompson

Matt was a pleasure to work with. His service was fast, I actually got the bike back in one and a half weeks. He stands behind his work and actually keeps you updated while he works on it, letting you know what he is doing and why, as well as sending pictures of the work in progress. On top of this, his prices are more than reasonable and he actually offers rebates to both the customer and those who refer the customer to him as well. Matt was overall an exceptionally easy and reliable man to work with and I will certainly be referring others too him from now on!

Justin Clark

Matt repaired my rear brake that broke off my carbon tri bike. I had less than a week until a big race and I didn’t think there was any way I’d be able to use the bike. Matt got the bike from me right away and fixed it in time for the race. The fix is solid and I couldn’t be happier. I will 100% refer people to Matt with any carbon issues. Thanks again!

Dan Maychack

Matt was not only extremely professional with a quick turnaround but also was willing to repair a crack in my rim when no one else would. Very reasonable pricing and makes sure to keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

Max Hochschwender

After blacking out at a rest stop on a hard ride, and crashing down on my beloved Pinarello and cracking the seat tube, I thought the frame was trashed. I found MattMo and Matt Moore from an internet search and was very impressed with his gallery of work. I sent him pictures of the damage, and he responded back quickly, assuring me he could repair it and make it like new! He was right!!!

I just got my frame back, and it looks incredible. Not only is the carbon frame itself repaired to perfection, the overlying paint and gelcoat is also so perfect no one would ever know if I didn’t tell them. Matt knew that bike was sentimental to me, so thank you very much for keeping those memories alive!

Mike Fisher

We could not be more pleased with the outcome! Simply awesome! … and the attention to detail on the paint and logo. Just, WOW!

Vincent Smith

He fixed my 2012 Madone 6 Series that had a totally broken chainstay, about 5 years ago. Still riding it with no problem. Very good craftsmanship- even looks good without new paint

Tim Riley

Matt did a great job fixing a cracked seat stay on my cross bike. He repaired it in just about two days and the the frame is now structurally solid again! Matt does a great job and is an incredibly reasonable guy to do business with. If you need any carbon repaired, Matt is the guy to call!

Andy Scott

Recently I had the misfortune of finding a crack in my hardtail race bike. I sent my frame to Mattmo, LLC for repair, and, OMG, my mind is blown! Matt is a craftsman beyond my expectations! Not only did he repair the frame back to if not better than the original structural specs, but he takes the next step and paints the frame for 100% match! I HIGHLY recommend Mattmo LLC for your carbon repairs! Stop in to Ck Cycles and they will be happy to assist in the entire process.

Thank you again for saving my frame Matt!

Rich Tortorici III